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Why go to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia?

Ulaanbaatar is a city that saw rapid modernization in XX century and serves as a home to over half a population of the country. It is a city with rich history known to many people. But there some quite interesting facts about it as well, that not everyone knows of. Come and learn with us Five Interesting facts about Ulaanbaatar.

Brief history of Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of Mongol Empire

The construction was begun by the orders of Chinggis Khaan, but it was completed finally at the time of his successor Ogedei Khaan. At its zenith, the city was one of the most multi-cultural places of the world. Its location along the famed Silk road and status as the capital of an empire that stretched across continents brought it great wealth.

Overnight in Mongolian traditional ger

As many people know, this is a circular shaped, wooden structured and covered by felt & cotton and the medium sized Ger can accommodate up to 10 people for a sleep and eat in its 30m square. Please bear in mind that, the toiletry will be outdoor while you’re staying with the family. But, if you stay in the Ger camp the bathroom will be in separated block.

5 Reasons you should never visit Mongolia

The Mongolian customs and traditions dictate that you must welcome any travelers into your ger and serve them with everything you have at your disposal. Guests are always received with open arms, whether they be foreigners or locals; and the Nomadic passing by caravans are honor-bound to be treated with tea and bread.