Sustainable travel

In recent years, the Juulchin company has been taking the following measures to ensure sustainable tourism:

  1. Reduced use of plastics: We stopped using plastic bottled waters during the trips to encourage sustainable tourism instead advising travelers to carry their own reusable bottles. Our tour groups began providing water with large-sized reusable and rechargeable bottled water for the trip. This way we could significantly reduce and avoid single-use of plastics.
  2. Environmental protection: We regularly disseminate knowledge and information on social media regarding the protection of the environment and natural monuments. Since 2010, we have been organizing children's tours with the cooperation of Mongolian high schools in order to teach children to love and protect the environment from an early age.
  3. Supporting local businesses: In order to support local businesses, we have established a Souvenir Shop since 2018 , which cooperates with local and small and medium enterprises in Ulaanbaatar and single mothers are among the employees.
  4. Protecting Heritage and Increasing Income: We work with local people and herders to protect the heritage and traditions of local herders, increase their incomes. Also, we’re promoting Mongolian customs and introducing Nomadic lifestyles to tourists.
  5. Protection and promotion of cultural heritage: In order to protect the intangible cultural heritage, we collaborated with the band Burte and re-edited and introduced the Altain Magtaal “In Praise of the Altai Mountains” in 2019.