Ice Festival in Khuvsgul Lake 2022

Ice Festival in Khuvsgul Lake 2022

Mongolia is a country of contrasts. There is a combination of traditions and modernity, past and present.

Mongolia is very popular among fans of eco-tourism. First of all, tourists come for the opportunity to get in touch with the eternal and preserved nature and harmonize their state of mind, as well as get acquainted with the ethnic culture of Mongolian nomads, visit the place where Chingis Khaan lived, live on tourist bases in felt yurts, taste the national Mongolian cuisine.

A trip to Mongolia, as well as visiting Mongolian holidays and festivals, helps to join the local way of life, learn about the culture and customs of the Mongols.

One of them is Ice festival of Mongolia, which is taking place in early March. The festival of ice figures and winter fun takes place on Lake Khuvsgul. It really is a real Ice Festival. There is not only an exhibition of ice sculptures and the construction of an ice city, but also many competitions on ice. In addition to figure skating and sleigh racing, which are understandable to all of us, there are also ice wrestling competitions, ice car racing, dice games and, of course, a fair in ice pavilions.

As the most unprecedented spectacle, one can also mention the shamanic rite of appeasement of the spirits of the lake and the mountain Khaan Munkhsardag. Lake Khuvsgul, located at the Northern part of the country, is one of the most beloved jewels of Mongolian people. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Central Asia and holds 70% of the country’s fresh water supply. The Khuvsgul area in general serves as meeting point between the Siberian Taiga region and Central Asian steppes. The local nomad herd’s a large number of yaks and goats.