Must see in Mongolia

The world’s biggest equestrian complex known as of today. The Chinggis Khaan Statue complex is 40m tall, stainless steel structure is located on the north of Tuul River where according to the legend, he found a golden whip.

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10 Facts about Ulaanbaatar

Just like any other metropolis around the world, Ulaanbaatar is a city full of different lifestyles, endless possibilities, fast-paced energy, rich cultures, interesting events, and unforgettable adventures.

5 Reasons you should never visit Mongolia

The Mongolian customs and traditions dictate that you must welcome any travelers into your ger and serve them with everything you have at your disposal. Guests are always received with open arms, whether they be foreigners or locals; and the Nomadic passing by caravans are honor-bound to be treated with tea and bread.

4 Must see places in Southern Mongolia

Yol (lammergeyer) Valley is on the easternmost of the park. The desert and surrounding area sustain many animals such as black-tailed gazelles, wild Bactrian camels, Mongolian wild ass, marbled polecats, sandplovers, snow leopards, brown bears as well as wolves.

Ice Festival in Khuvsgul Lake 2022

Mongolia is a country of contrasts. There is a combination of traditions and modernity, past and present.

Mongolia has opened its border for you

Mongolia has reopened its borders to fully vaccinated travelers.

Springtime Mongolia

Mongolian spring is referred to as season of four seasons. The weather, during early spring, is in a shifting mood. It is entirely possible to witness characteristics of winter, summer, spring and autumn within one day.

The retreat in Mongolia

The keys to invigorate body, soul, and mind

Eagle Totem of Mongolia

Eagle is a common symbol of might, regality, and ferocity. Amongst Mongolians, it is often thought of as the king of birds, it is not hard to imagine why eagles are the subject of so much awe. Eagles are apex predators who soar above their habitats with keen eyes, sharp talons, and powerful wings.

Your Guide to the Gobi Desert

A trip to Mongolia isn't complete without a visit to the Gobi desert to experience its breathtaking views, landscapes, and scenery. Whether you are embarking on your own or following a reputable tour guide, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

The Top 5 Things You Must Bring to Mongolia

Planning to visit Mongolia but have no idea what to pack for a fulfilling and life-changing experience? Let us get one thing out of the way, for ease of travel, you don't need to pack a lot. That said, here are five essential items you must bring to Mongolia at any time of the year.

Top 5 Things To Do in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is located in the north-central part of Mongolia. This bustling capital city meaning "Red Hero" juxtaposes history with modernity through its active monasteries and historical monuments flanked by towering skyscrapers.

What Is Airag?

Specific cocktails or alcoholic beverages may come to mind when considering travel destinations. For example, you might associate California with wine tasting in the scenic Napa Valley or a trip to Milan with sipping a refreshing Aperol spritz. However, most travelers might not be as familiar with the traditional alcoholic drink of Mongolia, airag.

Weather During the Four Seasons of Mongolia

Mongolia has four seasons, each with a distinct personality. The country also has a continental climate due to its landlocked position far from water, giving rise to hot summers and cold winters. However, despite the extreme temperature changes, Mongolia sees over 250 days of sunshine and blue skies.

Lunar New Year in Mongolia

Tsagaan Sar, or the Mongolian Lunar New Year, marks the first day of the year for all Mongolians. Although the date varies each year, it is usually celebrated on a new moon day at the end of January or February. This festivity, which marks the end of a harsh winter, welcomes the birth of spring and is a time to spend with friends, family, and of course, food. Tsagaan Sar reflects on the previous year, paving the way for a successful year ahead.

What Is a Ger?

A ger, or traditional Mongolian dwelling, has provided shelter for nomadic families for over 3,000 years. These portable structures suited the nomadic lifestyles of herders in the Central Asian steppe and are still used by over half of Mongolian families today. Most importantly, they can be assembled in under 3 hours, taken down in an hour or less, and transported on horseback or one’s truck.

Indigenous Wildlife in the Gobi Desert

When you think of desert wildlife, you most likely think of camels. However, the Gobi Desert, situated in southern Mongolia, is home to numerous wildlife species significant to this region.

Who Was Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan, born Temüjin in 1162, lived during a tumultuous time in the Central Asian steppe. In addition to the nomadic tribes being at odds, Temüjin lost his father at age 10 due to poisoning by an enemy clan. He, his mother, and his six siblings were abandoned by their clan and forced to fend for themselves.

Festivals to Enjoy in Mongolia

Mongolia hosts numerous festivals and holidays throughout the year, creating backdrops for memorable vacations and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for travelers in every season.

The Significance of the Mongolian Horse

Few animals are as synonymous with a group of people as the horse is with the Mongolians. This prized animal has long been regarded not only as a means of traversing Mongolia's vast terrain but also for the many resources it provides. From their use in local delicacies to the companionship they offer, horses appear as a permanent thread throughout Mongolian culture

What to Expect From Mongolian Food

Food and local cuisine play a vital role in travel. The meals from different locales around the world provide memorable experiences for travelers. And like other global destinations categorized by their food offerings, Mongolia offers unique dishes that are native to its culture.

Who Are the Mongolian People?

A landlocked country sandwiched between Russia to the north and China to the south, Mongolia is one of the largest countries in Asia and the 19th biggest country in the world. However, despite its size, Mongolia has one of the lowest average population densities, with an estimated population of 3.4 million.

Five Things to Remember When Traveling to Mongolia

Visiting another country can bring with it all sorts of adjustments. There is much to consider when traveling internationally, from acclimating to a new time zone to being mindful of local etiquette and culture. Whether this is your first trip to Mongolia or you are a repeat visitor, here are some things to remember when traveling to this vast nation.