Explore Mongolia 21 days

Explore Mongolia 21 days

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June 1st, 2024 - June 21st, 2024


Being the least densely populated country in the world lying across 1,566,000, Mongolia has much to offer to its visitors that a single trip might not be enough. The 21-day tour gives you a chance to see the best of the varying landscapes that Mongolia has to offer along with its rich culture. The vast Gobi Desert in the south and life-rich North with its huge lakes and forests will keep you excited.

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2024-06-01 - 2024-06-21


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    Please arrange your arrival date in this day and our national escort will pick you up from airport/train station and transfer to your hotel for check-in. If your arrival time permits join the welcoming dinner with your tour guide and tour briefing will be introduced during this dinner.

    Day 2 - Ulaanbaatar city tour

    Start your travel with city tour by visiting Gandan monastery - the largest Buddhist center in Mongolia. National history museum next and main square Sukhbaatar. Lunch at Mongolian cuisine restaurant. Continue to visit Mongolia’s last Kings Winter palace and Zaisan Memorial Hill for panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar city. Enjoy Mongolian traditional folklore concert followed by dinner. Return to your hotel for relax.

    Day 3 - Middle Gobi / Baga Gazriin Chuluu (220km)

    In the morning, begin the journey to a homeland of many birds and wild animals called Baga Gazriin Chuluu. In the afternoon, explore the area.

    Day 4 - Middle Gobi / Tsagaan Suvarga (280km)

    After breakfast visit the ruins of old Buddhist temple ruin that was built in the middle of the oasis. Continue driving to Tsagaan Suvarga, a fascinating white limestone cliff that resembles a Stupa.

    Day 5 - South Gobi / Yol valley (280km)

    Drive further south. Arrive at the Three Beauties Mountain range of the Gobi desert. Spend the day on an excursion to Yol Valley; hiking and enjoying stunning photographic opportunities are available in this spot. Lunch, dinner and overnight stay in a Ger camp.

    Day 6 - South Gobi / Khongor Sand Dunes (200 km)

    After an early breakfast, travel by 4WD for 4-5 hours to Khongoryn Els, the location of Mongolia’s largest sand dunes. Witness the remarkable desert landscapes and explore the sand dunes both by 4WD and on foot. The hike will take at least 2 hours return. For the more adventurous, climb to the top for fantastic views. There are options to do some short camel riding.


    One full day in leisure by the sand dune and optional camel riding, sand dune sledding will be available. In the evening have Mongolian traditional barbeque for dinner.

    Day 8 - South Gobi / Bayanzag (150 km)

    Drive to the world-famous Flaming Cliffs (Bayanzag). Explore the site of the first paleontological discoveries in Mongolia by following the footsteps of Roy Chapman Andrews (January 26, 1884 – March 11, 1960), an American explorer, adventurer and naturalist.

    Day 9 - Middle Gobi / Ongi Monastery (150 km)

    Spend the day travelling onwards to the banks of the Ongii River, a journey of approximately 4-5 hours, some of which is on trails over dry plains where there are no direct roads. On arrival, check-in to your Ger camp close to the Ongi River and visit the ruins of two famed monasteries, the Barlim Khiid to the north and the Khutagt Khiid to the south. Combined they form the complex known as Ongiin Khiid Monastery.

    Day 10 - Orkhon Waterfall (370 km)

    After relaxing in the morning we will drive to Mongolia’s biggest waterfall Orkhon. Waterfall was formed by unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20.000 years ago. The fall is most impressive after a heavy rain. Dinner and overnight stay in a Ger camp.

    Day 11 - Karakorum / Erdene-Zuu Monastery (160 km)

    After breakfast drive to Karakorum, once the capital of the 13th century Great Mongol Empire. Visit Erdene-Zuu Monastery, which was the first and the largest monastery in Mongolia built on the ruins of the ancient capital. Tour the monastery and visit several temples with excellent examples of Buddhist Thangka paintings and statues dating back to the 17th century. Visit the Karakorum museum. In the evening Juulchin Party at ancient capital of Mongol Empire.

    Day 12 - Tsenkher Hot Spring (115 km)

    Drive to the Tsenkher hot spring. Spend the day relaxing in a natural spring and walking in the surrounding forest. Please do not forget to pack your swimsuit for this day. Optional massage and beauty ser¬vices are available on camp. Enjoy the hot spring again after dinner.

    Day 13 - Khorgo Volcano & White lake (215 km)

    Today, enjoy the stunning backdrop as you drive around 5 hours west, towards the serene Great White Lake (Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur). Upon arrival, check-in at Ger Camp for an overnight stay. The camp is located within one of the most beautiful areas of the famous Great White Lake and Khorgo Volcano. Take a short hike up to the crater of the volcano for wonderful views or walk along the lakeshore where there are excellent opportunities for bird and wildlife spotting. Also, visit Zayaiin Huree Monastery on the way to this destination.

    Day 14 - Jargal Jiguur (105 km – 170 km)

    This morning, enjoy a hike (approximately 3 hours) around the shores of the lake, which is home to a diverse variety of wildlife and birds. You will have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery of this beautiful lake. After lunch, drive 2-3 hours to Jargal Jiguur, known as ‘home of the yaks’, due to many local families seen herding yaks. Upon arrival, check into your Ger camp and enjoy time at leisure, for example bathing in the hot springs found here.

    Day 15 - Khuvsgul lake (240 km – 320 km)

    Today is a long driving day as you depart Jargal Jiguur early this morning and travel around 6-7 hours through Murun to Lake Khovsgol, on mostly muddy roads. The first section of road is particularly steep and has breathtaking views of the surrounding plains and glacial peaks. There will be sections of road along the lakeshore that are very bumpy. Upon arrival, check in to your Ger camp on the shore of the lake for a two-night stay. In the afternoon, take a walk to the forest and visit a reindeer breeding family, where you will be introduced to their way of life.

    Day 16 - Khuvsgul lake

    Due to the variety of activities offered at Lake Khovsgol, we allow all customers a choice in how they would like to spend their time here. Your tour guide will accompany you on a walk around the lake’s shore and assist you in organizing some of these suggested activities: a horse ride into the nearby mountains, renting a speedboat to see more of the lake, or taking a relaxing walk viewing the nearby forests and beautiful scenery. There are options to do some horse riding.

    Day 17 - Uran togoo (400 km)

    After breakfast, drive to Uran Togoo, an extinct volcano in Bulgan province. You will have a scenic drive with endless green pastures under the deep blue sky.

    Day 18 - Amarbayasgalant monastery (220 km)

    In the morning, start your journey to Amarbayasgalant Monastery, or the "Monastery of Tranquil Felicity" – one of the three largest Bud¬dhist monastic centers in Mongolia. The monastery was established in 1727 and completed in 1736 to serve as a final resting place for Zanabazar (1635–1723), the first Jebtsundamba Khutuktu, or spiritu¬al head of Tibetan Buddhism for the Khalkha Mongolians in Mongolia. His remains were transferred to a newly created temple in 1788. Amarbayasgalant was one of the very few monasteries to have partly escaped destruction during the Stalinist purges of 1937. Visit and explore the grounds of the monastery.

    Day 19 - Selenge Province-Mongolian Secret history camp (245 km)

    Drive to beautiful Aglag Buteel Monastery and be amazed by the combination of natural beauty and Buddhist heritages. This mon¬astery is located 62mi/100km away from Ulaanbaatar in Bornuur soum of Tuv province. It is on the way to the second largest city of Mongolia, Darkhan. Buddhism is a widely practiced religion in Mongolia and has been revived since the 1990s after the collapse of communism. As people’s religious freedom return, a number of new Buddhist monasteries have been established. Aglag Buteel Monas¬tery is one of the monasteries built by renowned Buddhist lama and artist, Purevbat, of Mongolia. The monastery was built to the south of Garid (Garuda) Uul, a stunning mountain with larch forest. Enjoy a walk around the monastery and explore its rich heritage.

    Day 20 - TERELJ NATIONAL PARK - 160km

    Early morning drive to Terelj National park. Check in Juulchin Terelj Resort luxury camp in the afternoon Juulchin Mini Naadam Festival followed by farewell dinner party with the group.

    Day 21 - Departure

    Any time for your international departure, you will be transferred to airport or train station.

Explore Mongolia 21 days
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