The Mongolian Way of Life

The Mongolian Way of Life

The Mongolian Way of Life

Inspired by a more simple approach to life? The Mongolian people have mastered it, and there's just so much you can learn from them on your next trip to Mongolia. The Mongolian people have a simplistic yet extremely fulfilling way of living that hasn't changed much over the thousands of years they've been on Earth. Here's all you need to know about the wonderful inhabitants of Mongolia. Gurvan saihan.jpg

Who Are the People of Mongolia?

In centuries gone by, Mongolian people were nomads who were also excellent horsemen and frequently traveled with flocks of sheep, goats, cattle, and of course, their horses through the steppes of Central Asia. Mongolian horses are still widely cherished in Mongolia. It's often been said that a Mongolian person without a horse is like a bird without its wings. Horses in Mongolia are an extremely valuable part of Mongolian life and society.

What Is the Mongolian Language?

The Mongolian language is spoken in the Mongolian capital alongside English and is also spoken in some parts of China.

What Is Housing in Mongolia like?

The people of Mongolia live in traditional housing called yurts, or gers, which consist of netting, flexible wood, and covered in felt to make up a circular dwelling. "Ger", is a word in the Mongolian language meaning 'home' or 'household'. This type of housing has been around for thousands of years. Historically, the Mongolian ger could be set up in a matter of hours and dismantled in a similar timeframe. The Mongolian Ger has stayed the same throughout thousands of years. This is because they are extremely sturdy in harsh Mongolian weather, including wind, storms, and extreme heat conditions. In Winter, the Mongolian ger is powerful in keeping everything inside it warm and consistently heated.

What Is Typical Weather like for Mongolian people?

The weather in Mongolia depends largely on the season and whether you're venturing out in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, or somewhere with higher altitudes such as the mountain ranges. In winter, the weather in all of Mongolia gets extremely cold and even snows, prominently in the valleys between the Mongolian mountain ranges. The weather in the Mongolian capital city of Ulaanbaatar is extremely cold in winter, dropping down to temperatures of -24.5 °C (-12.5 °F) in January. Frequent snowfall is present, but it is light. The rainy season in Mongolia is between July and September, but the average rainfall per year is only 200-250 mm, with the most rainfall taking place in Altai, Hentii aimag and lake Huvsgul. Temperatures in Ulaanbaatar can reach well below -30 degrees celsius in winter. For example: in November 2022 it was well below -34 at night, and -27 during the day for a while. In northern Mongolia it averages around -35 to -40. However, in summer the weather is pleasantly warm in Mongolia, with the temperature during the Summer months reaching an average of 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, Mongolian people have their gers to shield them from less pleasant weather conditions, such as heat, cold, and rain.

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