Manzushir monastery

Manzushir monastery was built on the southern edge of the Bogd Khan mountain range at an elevation of 1800m. Surrounded by lush forests and mighty hills, it resides in an attractive location. At its height, it was home to over 70 temples housing 1000 monks. It suffered destruction 1932 during the Stalinist purges. The newly renovated main temple can be visited where artifacts from the original temple are on display.

Khustai National Park

Located 220km from the capital Ulaanbaatar, the National Park is best-known as the home to Przewalski wild horses; known as Takhi in Mongolian. These horse-species, native to Mongolia, died out in mid-1950s in their natural habitat. With Dutch effort, the Przewalski horses were re-introduced to Khustai area in 1992 from zoos around the World. Their numbers have risen to 300 in the park alone.

Gunjiin sum / Princess temple

Gunjiin sum / Princess temple The princess temple was built as a resting place for a Manchurian princess who married a Mongolian noble in 1699. Located 120km from Ulaanbaatar, it can be reached after crossing river Tuul amidst beautiful pine tree forests. The temple sadly suffered from the hands of grave robbers. Remains of the temple ruins can be visited to this day where the walls from the local fortress remain.

Chinggis Khaan equestrian statue

It is one of the must-visit destinations when visiting Mongolia. Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue complex houses the World’s tallest equestrian statue. Statue of Genghis Khan, or widely known as Chinggis Khaan among native population, has a height of 40m and faces symbolically to the East towards his birth place. The top of the horse’s head can be reached for closer look at the Khaan and the surrounding landscape.

Tonyukuk inscription

Tonyukuk inscription is located on the way to Nalaikh district from Ulaanbaatar. It was erected and inscribed by Tonyukuk himself who had served as a minister to four successive Turkic Khans. It is the oldest inscription in Turkic language dating to 716. Tonyukuk himself passed away in 720.