Khuvsgul Lake

Lake Khuvsgul, located at the Northern part of the country, is one of the most beloved jewels of Mongolian people. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Central Asia and holds 70% of the country’s fresh water supply. The Khuvsgul area in general serves as meeting point between the Siberian Taiga region and Central Asian steppes. The local nomads herd a large number of yaks and goats.

Deer Stones of Uushgiin Uvur

These deer stones are located 18km west of Murun city in Khuvsgul. There 14 deer stones made of red and brown granites at this location. Shortest of these is 1,33m tall and the tallest one is 3,75m tall. Horse fossils found near the complex have been found to date back 1312-810 BCE.

13 Ovoos of Darkhad

Darkhad are an ethnic minority group residing in the northernmost parts of the country. Upon an entrance into Darkhad territory, there are 13 famous Ovoos that can be visited. Ovoos are earliest signs of connections between man and nature. The number 13 is a revered number amongst the Darkhad people.


Tsaatan are an ethnic minority group who mostly live near Khuvsgul Lake and nearby Taiga areas. They are widely known for their exotic lifestyle that involves herding of reindeers. The encampments of Tsaatan can be hard to reach even by Mongolian standards, but it is an experience of a lifetime.