Horse riding around Eight Lakes
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Horse riding around Eight Lakes

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July 2nd, 2024 - July 10th, 2024


Touching down in Ulaanbaatar marks the commencement of an extraordinary adventure, an immersive journey into the heart of Mongolia's untamed landscapes. The group welcome dinner not only sates your appetite but also initiates you into the rhythmic pulse of the upcoming odyssey, laying the foundation for the remarkable experiences that await.

Embarking on the road to Elsen Tasarkhai, a minor sand dune, unfolds a untouched nature. Here, you encounter a local host family with a camel herd, introducing you to the iconic double-humped camels in a way that transcends the ordinary. Riding these unique creatures becomes a cultural exchange, connecting you with the nomadic way of life.

Continuing the trail, the path leads to the sacred Uvgun temple, an ancient sanctuary whispering tales of bygone eras. The journey progresses to the Eco camp, your gateway to Naiman Nuur National Park, aptly named the 'Eight Lakes.' Amidst this pristine natural setting, horse riding becomes a dance with nature. Nomads guide you through the art of catching horses, allowing you to forge a connection with your chosen equine companion.

With each hoofbeat, you traverse the breathtaking beauty of the Khangai range, reaching Shireet Lake, a tranquil campsite beneath the expansive Mongolian sky. The journey unfolds further to Khuis Lake, passing by Khaliut, Bugat, Haya, and Shana, each a reflection of the endless wonders of this land. The Mongolian horse, symbolizing historical victories, becomes your steadfast companion through this scenic tapestry.

Returning to the Eco camp, you retrace the forested slopes, relishing the beauty of the Mongolian steppe. The adventure reaches its pinnacle at the majestic Orkhon Waterfall, a testament to nature's grandeur. Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall, the country's tallest, serenades you with its melodious flow as you find repose in a Ger camp by its side.

The grand finale unfolds in Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Great Mongol Empire. The Karakorum museum and Erdene-Zuu Monastery stand as silent witnesses to a glorious past, their echoes harmonizing with the rhythmic clatter of hooves as you journey back to Ulaanbaatar. Here, where the adventure began, you bid farewell to a land adorned with the eternal blue sky.

This is more than a horse ride; it's a communion with Mongolia's untamed spirit, an exploration of landscapes resonating with the hoofbeats of history. As you bid adieu to the land of the eternal blue sky, the memories of this equestrian odyssey linger in your mind, rent-free and eternally cherished.

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2024-07-02 - 2024-07-10

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blue_checkhorse riding
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투어 일정

    Day 1. - Ulaanbaatar

    Drive to Ulaanbaatar from Chinggis Khan International airport Activity: Check-in at the hotel, free time for leisure, and optional group welcoming dinner with tour briefing. Meal: Dinner

    Day 2. - Elsen Tasarkhai (300km)

    Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai from Ulaanbaatar Activity: Visit Elsen Tasarkhai, known as the minor sand dune. Experience an authentic Mongolian stay, including camel rides and a visit to Uvgun temple. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 3. - Eco camp (260km)

    Drive to Eco camp from Elsen Tasarkhai Activity: Prepare for horse riding, watch nomads catch horses, and choose your horse. Explore Naiman Nuur National Park/Eight Lakes, known for its high mountains, large forests, and unique landscapes. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 4. - Shireet lake

    Horseback riding from Eco camp to Shireet Lake Activity: Begin a horse trip with a horse guide, ride to Shireet Lake, and camp for the night. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 5. - Shireet lake-Huis lake-Shireet lake

    Explore Huis Lake and return to Shireet Lake Activity: Head to Khuis Lake, visit other lakes, and return to Shireet Lake for the night. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 6. - Shireet lake - Eco camp

    Ride back to Eco camp from Shireet Lake Activity: Travel back to the eco camp and continue horse riding for around 15 km. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 7. - Orkhon Waterfall (200km)

    Drive to Orkhon Waterfall from Eco camp Activity: Visit the beautiful Orkhon waterfall and Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall. Overnight stay in a Ger camp near the waterfall. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 8. - Khar Khorin-Ulaanbaatar (400km)

    Drive to Ulaanbaatar from Orkhon Waterfall Activity: Drive to Karakorum, visit the museum, Erdene-Zuu Monastery, and temples. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar for dinner and overnight stay in a hotel. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 9. - DEPARTURE

    Any time for your international departure, you will be transferred to airport or train station.

Horse riding around Eight Lakes
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