Springtime Mongolia

Springtime Mongolia

Springtime Mongolia

Oftentimes, Mongolian spring is referred to as season of four seasons. The weather, during early spring, is in a shifting mood. It is entirely possible to witness characteristics of winter, summer, spring and autumn within one day.


In late spring, summertime warmth begins to settle in and the nature puts on a whole new image. Newly grown grass and flowers that grow only in springtime make it a haven for photographers.


For travelers who seek exotic experiences, it is a great time to visit as well because in March and April, birthing season of livestock begins. Staying with a Nomadic family during this period always leaves travelers with memories of lifetime. Newly born baby goats and lambs are bound to cause an overload of cuteness.


Tour itineraries focused on springtime festivals such as Nauryz (Khazakh New Year holiday), Camel festival, Spring Eagle festival and Khuvsgul Ice festivals can keep you entertained for several days.


Springtime Mongolia is always full of festivities and people celebrating the return of life to Mongolian steppes. We hope you will visit and enjoy the festive season with us.