Camel Festival Tour

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Camel Festival Tour
6 Days
5 Nights
Gobi Desert, Bayanzag- Flaming Cliffs, Camel Festival

Tour Overview

The camel festival is held at Bulgansom in Umnugobido. The festival began in 1997 to preserve the evolving and declining cultural heritage centered on the Bactrian camel. The Bactrian Camel Festival attracts hundreds of travelers from all over the world each year. Main events include camel races, camel polo and traditional performances.

Tour Highlights

Gobi, Bayanzag, camel festival, camel race

Tour Itinerary

    Overnight Tour
    • Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar

      After arriving in Ulaanbaatar, meet the guide and driver and transfer to the hotel. Half-day and full-day city tours available if available

    • Day 2 - Gobi

      After breakfast, meet the guide and driver and move to Umnugobi Island. Hotel check-in upon arrival. Visit a nomadic private house that raises camels. Go to the world-famous Bayanzak, which is rich in gobi saxophone trees. Follow in the footsteps of American explorer, adventurer, and naturalist Roy Chapman Andrews (January 26, 1884 – March 11, 1960) to explore the site of Mongolia's first paleontological discovery. Dinner and overnight at a local hotel. (L/D)

    • Day 3 - Camel festival

      After breakfast, go to Bulgansom to watch the opening ceremony of the camel festival. The opening ceremony begins with a camel parade that includes all the camels of the festival. Travelers can take part in the camel parade. At the opening ceremony, a contest to determine the 'most beautiful camel couple' begins. In addition, the bone-ankle bouncing game of 'Shagain Harba', a traditional Mongolian game, begins. After watching the festival, transfer to a local hotel and rest. (B/L/D)

    • Day 4 - Camel Race

      The camel competition begins with an adult camel race. This is followed by a two-year-old camel race. The camels compete in distances of 12 km and 15 km, and gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the first three camels to cross the finish line. Cut lunch in Volgansom and watch the 'Camel Relay' competition. It consists of catching, taming, training, and loading the camels with the actual ger. There are several teams of 5 people in the competition, and each member of the team performs a different sewing machine. The Closing Ceremony will be held late in the afternoon and a trophy will be awarded to the winner. Dinner and rest at a local hotel. (B/L/D)

    • Day 5 - Ulaanbaatar

      After breakfast, transfer to Ulaanbaatar. After arriving in Ulaanbaatar, rest at the hotel. (B)

    • Day 6 - International Airport

      Transfer to international airport or general train station.

    Tour available dates

    2024-02-28 - 2024-03-10

    1 Person

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    3 People

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    4 -7 People

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    8 -11 People

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    Included in the cost:

    • Airport pickup and drop-off
    • Korean guide service
    • Ger Camp
    • Full meal
    • According to the itinerary, entrance fee
    • Vehicle and driver
    • 1L bottled water per person per day

    Package price DOES NOT INCLUDE

    Not included in the cost

    - International airfare

    - Baggage overcharge

    - Ulaanbaatar hotels and additional hotel services

    - Medical and travel insurance

    - Visa issuance fee

    - Liquor

    - Personal activity expenses

    - All additional services

    Camel Festival Tour
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