Back to 13th Century

Back to 13th Century

5 Days
4 Nights
1 - 12 travelers
May 1st, 2024 - October 1st, 2024

Tour Overview

Chinggis Khaan and his descendants who ruled the Mongol Empire greatly shaped the history of the World. Their background, culture and uniqueness from the people of those times gave them significant advantages. Nomadic legacy of those times still lives in modern Mongolia. This is an ideal tour for those interested in history and nature.

Tour available dates

2024-05-01 - 2024-10-01

Tour Highlights

blue_check13th Century Complex - Terelj NP – Khustai NP – Elsen Tasarkhai


Ulaanbaatar – 13th Century Complex - Central Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar

Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 - 13th century National park.

    In the morning, drive to 13th Century National Park. Activity: Explore and Observe Chinggis Khaan statue, Visit & Participate in reenactment camp Meal: B/L/D

    Day 2 - Terelj national Park.

    In the morning, drive to Terelj National Park. Activity: Visit Turtle Rock, Ariyapala meditation center, enjoy a horse ride with a local nomadic family. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 3 - Khustai National Park. 200km

    After breakfast, drive to Khustai National Park. Activity: Observe Przewalski wild horses, explore the park and its history. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 4 - Elsen Tasarkhai. 200km

    Early morning drive to Khogno Khan mountain, visit Ovgon temple. Activity: Visit and ride camel with a local family. Meal: B/L/D

    Day 5 - Ulaanbaatar. 280 km

    After relaxing breakfast, drive back to Ulaanbaatar city and transfer to hotel. Meal: Breakfast

Back to 13th Century
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