Amarbaysgalant monastery

Amarbaysgalant Monastery is located 350km from the capital of Ulaanbaatar and is the most well-preserved monastery of the three major Buddhist monastic centers of Mongolia. It is also known as the “Monastery of Tranquil Felicity” Founded in 1727 and finished in 1739, the monastery was built to serve as resting place for Zanabazar, the very first head of Buddhism in Mongolia.

Soronzon khad

Soronzon Khad which translates to ‘Magnetic Rock’ is a unique rock located in Selenge province. Long believed to have healing properties, visitors have been coming here to seek solutions to their ailments. From afar, it looks ordinary. But when you get close to its magnetic properties appear. Rocks of this kind are extremely rare in the world.

Tujiin nars

Tujiin Nars is a pine tree forest located Selenge province, Northern Mongolia. The forest had become critically endangered by 2002 due to forest fires and illegal logging. At this point, the forest area was taken under state protection and reforestation efforts took place immediately. Since 2002, 75,000 hectares have been rehabilitated of which 40-50% recovered naturally.

Saikhanii Khutul

Saikhanii Khutul offers one of the most eye pleasing sights in Mongolia. This is where the Orkhon and Selenge revers meet and flow towards Lake Baikal. Border guards have constructed small visitation area with chairs and tables for observing the surrounding landscape. They have also erected monument dedicated to Khulan, one of Chinggis Khaan’s queens who was born in this area.