Sustainability policy

Sustainability policy


●      Regulatory Compliance and Legal Frameworks:

Juulchin, a leading tourism operator in Mongolia, is dedicated to comprehensive adherence to national and international laws governing tourism, labor, and environmental practices. In its commitment to regulatory compliance, Juulchin not only operates within the framework of Mongolian tourism laws, obtaining the necessary licenses for its operations, but also places a strong emphasis on fair labor practices, ensuring alignment with all relevant labor regulations.

Environmental protection is a core focus for Juulchin, with the company actively complying with Mongolian environmental laws and going beyond legal requirements to minimize its ecological footprint. Initiatives include waste reduction, energy efficiency, and responsible resource management, emphasizing sustainability in its operations, particularly in ecologically sensitive areas visited by tourists.

Juulchin's dedication to continuous improvement is evident through regular reviews of internal policies and procedures. The company stays vigilant to changes in legal requirements and environmental standards, seeking opportunities to exceed these benchmarks. This commitment reflects Juulchin's aspiration not only to meet but to exceed regulatory expectations, contributing positively to Mongolia's tourism industry, local communities, and environmental well-being.

●      Environmental Management and Impact Mitigation:

Juulchin places an unwavering focus on reducing its environmental impact through sustainable practices, resource conservation, and meticulous waste management. Emphasizing this commitment, Juulchin actively promotes the establishment and utilization of Eco Bases, whenever feasible, as part of its eco-conscious operations.

At the heart of this sustainability pledge lies Juulchin Terelj Resort, which exemplifies these principles through its practices. Notably, the resort re-uses oil from MG Steak and MG Hotpot in various resourceful ways. This initiative not only contributes to waste reduction but also showcases the resort's dedication to implementing sustainable practices across its culinary operations. By seamlessly integrating environmental responsibility into every aspect of its endeavors, Juulchin and its Terelj Resort underscore their commitment to minimizing ecological impact and fostering a harmonious coexistence between tourism and the environment.

●      Transparency and Reporting:

Implement transparent reporting mechanisms to demonstrate adherence to sustainability policies and achievements to stakeholders, clients, and the public. 

As part of its commitment to transparency, Juulchin not only maintains clear reporting mechanisms for sustainability but also ensures direct communication with tourists. Each visitor is informed that a portion of their spending is dedicated to meaningful causes, such as improving the lives of those less fortunate. This straightforward approach establishes financial accountability, engages tourists in social impact, and fosters a collective understanding that their contributions through travel directly contribute to positive change. Through this clear and simple communication, Juulchin actively involves stakeholders, clients, and the public in its mission for responsible and impactful tourism.

●      Customer Engagement & Relationship

In our commitment to customer engagement and relationship-building, Juulchin goes beyond mere transactions, focusing on educating and empowering our tourists. For those who have already visited, we make it a point to transparently communicate how their donations contribute to meaningful causes, emphasizing the positive impact they create.

Moreover, our dedication extends to actively seeking feedback through surveys from each tourist. We view these surveys as invaluable tools, allowing us to gain insights into their experiences and expectations. This commitment to continuous improvement reflects our genuine interest in bettering ourselves based on the valuable input provided by our customers. By staying attuned to customer feedback, Juulchin aims not only to meet but exceed expectations, fostering a relationship built on trust, mutual understanding, and a shared commitment to responsible and enriching travel experiences.

●      Commitment to being the best partners for our Local suppliers:

Juulchin in its commitment to being the premier partner for our local suppliers, aspiring to be the example of reliability within the industry. This commitment extends beyond mere transactions, as we actively support and collaborate with local suppliers in a continuous and sustainable manner.

A key aspect of this commitment involves the adoption of sustainable practices, particularly in the procurement of local ingredients. We prioritize sourcing ingredients locally, not only to enhance the authenticity of our offerings but also to support the livelihoods of local producers. This approach not only fosters economic growth within the community but also contributes to the overall sustainability of the region.

Furthermore, Juulchin is dedicated to the well-being of the local workforce. We prioritize the staffing of locals, providing stable contracts and fostering enduring relationships with each and every local supplier. By doing so, we not only contribute to the economic stability of the community but also ensure that our partnerships are built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to sustainable practices. In essence, Juulchin strives to be more than just a business partner – we aim to be an integral force for positive change and prosperity within the local communities we serve.


●      Community Empowerment Initiatives:

We are deeply committed to community empowerment initiatives, striving to create lasting economic and social benefits for local communities. Our approach involves developing and implementing targeted programs that actively engage and uplift these communities, ensuring they not only participate in but also derive tangible benefits from the tourism industry.

As part of this commitment, we have undertaken initiatives to improve facilities for local families regularly hosting tourists. Recognizing the pivotal role these families play in the tourism ecosystem, we invest in enhancing their infrastructure to provide a more comfortable and enriching experience for both hosts and visitors alike. This not only fosters a sense of community well-being but also contributes to the sustainability of tourism in the region.

Furthermore, our sustainable policies translate into concrete actions. In 2022, our corporate donations were directed towards improving a sector of the Children's Orphanage in Modni 2. This initiative represents a tangible embodiment of our commitment to social responsibility, actively investing in the well-being and development of vulnerable segments within the community. By aligning our efforts with specific and impactful projects, Juulchin Corporation endeavors to create a positive and lasting impact on the communities we engage with, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future.

●      Innovative Sustainable Technologies:

 Juulchin Corporation is at the forefront of sustainability, embracing innovative technologies such as electric cars and solar panels. Specifically, Juulchin Terelj Resort currently utilizes two electric cars, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly transportation. Additionally, solar panels are employed to power a portion of the resort, aligning our operations with sustainable energy solutions. These initiatives exemplify our dedication to pioneering environmentally conscious practices within the tourism industry.

●      Cultural Heritage Preservation & Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

Juulchin remains steadfast in its commitment to the preservation of local cultural heritage, incorporating strategies in full compliance with laws while prioritizing biodiversity and the conservation of the environment. Our approach extends beyond legal requirements, emphasizing the delicate balance of historical sites and taking great care to avoid disturbing the area. Concurrently, we actively encourage clients to engage responsibly with historical sites, emphasizing adherence to legal and ethical guidelines that ensure the preservation of biodiversity.

In tandem with cultural heritage efforts, Juulchin is dedicated to the conservation of the environment. This commitment includes supporting local artisans through responsible purchasing practices, creating a symbiotic relationship that respects both cultural heritage and the biodiversity of the region. By intertwining cultural preservation and environmental conservation, Juulchin Tour Corporation seeks to set a standard for ethical and responsible tourism, fostering a legacy of sustainability and cultural richness for the benefit of future generations

●      Social Impact Measurement:

Our realistic approach involves hiring locally, investing in community needs like infrastructure and education, and supporting local artisans. By focusing on tangible outcomes, Juulchin aims to contribute meaningfully to the economic and social well-being of the communities it engages with.

●      Collaboration with Indigenous Communities:

Juulchin Tour Corporation is committed to establishing respectful partnerships with indigenous communities, integrating their traditional knowledge into tourism activities. As part of this commitment, we organize regular tours to areas inhabited by indigenous groups, such as the Tsaatan and Kazakh people. These tours facilitate genuine cultural exchanges, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the unique traditions and lifestyles of these communities. Importantly, our initiatives are developed in consultation with the indigenous communities, ensuring their perspectives are valued and central to the tourism experience. Through these partnerships, Juulchin Tour Corporation aims to provide authentic cultural experiences for tourists while contributing to the economic and social well-being of indigenous communities.

Interactive Sustainability Programs for Clients:

Juulchin Tour Corporation pioneers realistic and engaging approaches within its tour agency, crafting programs that actively involve tourists in sustainability initiatives. Departing from traditional tourism, our strategies encourage tourists to grasp the impact of their actions on the environment and local communities.

Our realistic tour agency approaches include:

Interactive Workshops: Tourists partake in hands-on sessions like eco-friendly cooking and artisanal crafting, showcasing sustainable practices with locally sourced materials.

Educational Tours: Guided tours delve into the environmental and cultural significance of destinations, emphasizing responsible behavior to minimize ecological impact.

Community Engagement Activities: Tourists actively connect with local communities through language exchange, cultural performances, and collaborative projects contributing to community development.

Conservation Excursions: Realistic excursions focus on conservation efforts, allowing tourists to participate in tree planting, wildlife monitoring, and beach clean-ups, fostering environmental responsibility.

Local Cuisine Experiences: Culinary programs feature authentic local cuisines prepared with sustainable practices, emphasizing the link between food, culture, and the environment.

By integrating these approaches, Juulchin Tour Corporation ensures that tourists not only enjoy enriching travel experiences but actively contribute to sustainability initiatives. This realistic engagement fosters a deeper understanding of responsible tourism, encouraging tourists to adopt eco-friendly practices in their future journeys.


●      Internal office sustainability practices

In our commitment to environmental sustainability and community well-being, we actively adopt eco-friendly practices. This involves minimizing disposable goods, favoring sustainable purchases, and buying in bulk to reduce packaging. Our efforts extend to using eco-certified cleaning materials, environmentally friendly printing, and measures to decrease energy consumption. We prioritize energy-efficient lighting, water-saving initiatives, and adherence to waste reduction policies. Additionally, we focus on constructing or renovating buildings with locally appropriate sustainable practices. We actively encourage staff to embrace sustainable transportation options, reduce travel-related impacts, and prioritize vehicle maintenance to comply with emission standards. Continuous staff guidance and contributions to local heritage preservation further underline our dedication to responsible practices. Juulchin Tour Corporation's commitment to environmental sustainability and community well-being is further demonstrated through their efforts to minimize waste and promote recycling within their offices. They implement recycling programs and educate staff on proper waste disposal, encouraging the reduction of waste and the reuse of materials. This not only reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills but also promotes a culture of sustainability within the organization.Moreover, the company supports the development of green spaces and natural habitats in the communities where they operate. This includes planting trees, creating green roofs, and supporting local conservation initiatives. By engaging in these activities, Juulchin Tour Corporation not only contributes to the preservation of natural habitats but also fosters a sense of community stewardship among their staff and stakeholders.

●      Employee Welfare and Human Rights:

In terms of employee welfare and human rights, Juulchin Tour Corporation is committed to ensuring fair treatment, equal opportunities, and a safe working environment for all employees. They have clear policies in place that outline these expectations and enforce them consistently. The company also provides ongoing training and development opportunities for staff, empowering them to grow professionally and personally. This not only benefits the individual employees but also contributes to the overall success and sustainability of the organization.The Juulchin Tour Corporation's dedication to sustainability and human rights is a testament to their commitment to responsible business practices. By addressing both environmental and social issues, they are not only contributing to the well-being of their employees and the communities where they operate but also setting an example for other businesses to follow./

●      Commitment to our Employees:

In our dedication to a vibrant team in the tourism industry, we welcome full-time office staff and part-time or seasonal team members. Our focus is on creating a fair, safe, and inclusive work environment. To achieve this, we:

-Actively do survey on employee’s workspace

-Employ numerous ways of notifying HR department anonymously against unfair or unsafe work environment practices

-Have regular staff training