Best time to visit Mongolia?

{"time":1711505429928,"blocks":[{"id":"X7KrIdQ5lm","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"The best time to visit Mongolia is between May and September when it is less windy and generally sunny. This is the perfect time to enjoy any part of Mongolia. In July and August, there is occasional rain with pleasant temperatures between 23°C and 30°C."}}],"version":"2.22.2"}

Chinggis Khaan International Airport (CNG) is Mongolia's major international airport for all foreign visitors. Cheap flights to Mongolia are available during the winter and autumn. Flights to Mongolia are served by several different airlines including Aeroflot, Air China, and Korean-Air are operating flights connecting Ulaanbaatar with Moscow, Beijing, and Seoul. Flights are available all year round by Mongolian national carriers by MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Aero Mongolia, Hunnu Air, and Eznis Airways. There are two ways to visit Mongolia by train either China or Russia. Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. The Trans-Mongolian Railway is connected to the Trans-Siberian by a branch line from Ulan-Ude, providing a link between the Trans-Siberian and the Chinese railway system.

Some citizens (such as US and Singapore) are no need to obtain tourist visa to Mongolia within 30 days. (Read more at [www.MongoliaVisa.com](link)) Visas are available from the Mongolian embassy in your country. Please attach our tour confirmation email and invoice to your visa application. (Read more at [www.MongoliaVisa.com](link))

Mongolia has long been beloved for its big land steppes and extreme climate. You will find lots of European and Asian cuisine often. Those same attributes make for fantastic food, including line- the best steaks and hot pots ideal for enjoying at beautiful restaurants by the. Here are a few of the Mongolians' most-iconic dishes, and the best places to try them – Modern Nomads, Choijin Temple Restaurants, Rock Salt restaurant, KHuurgandaa Mongolian Grill, Zochin Mongol zoog, and Mongolian’s restaurant, Shangrila Mall.

Protect from sun and wind - Warm thin layers of clothing, - waterproof jacket, - good walking boots - sandals - Hat - Headscarf Please don’t forget the following items - insect repellent - sun cream, - lip-gloss, - water purifying - tablets and - first aid kit (medicine for headache, cold, diarrhea, runny nose; bandages; any medicine prescribed for you) - all your camera equipment and binoculars and perhaps - snacks to eat between meal times.

US Dollars are often accepted, especially in Ulaanbaatar, but it is also useful to carry some cash in the local currency, the Tugrik. 1USD=3470 Tugrik /Jan 2023/ Any bank and most of the hotels in Mongolia will be more than happy to exchange your currency, and most of the hotels you'll stay in. the Tugrik. 1USD=3470 Tugrik /Jan 2023/

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Cancellation policy. 1. Any alternation and cancellation shall be agreed by the parties and made in a written form. 2. No cancellation fees shall be charged for cancellation up to 30 business days prior to arrival date for customers. 3. Cancellations fees are as follows - No cancellation, received 30 business days prior to arrival - 25% of tour cost for cancellation, received between 14-29 business days prior to arrival - 50% of tour cost for cancellation, received between 8-13 business days prior to arrival - 80% of tour cost for cancellation, received between 4-7 business days prior to arrival - 100% of tour cost for cancellation, received between 1-3 business days and on the date of arrival

Package includes: - Transfers upon arrival and departure - Domestic flight - English-speaking guide at all times - In the countryside all lodging will be in ger camps on TWN share - All meals are provided as stated in the itinerary - Ground transportation: in the countryside by a chauffeured Russian mini-van - Park entrance fees - Sightseeing as per itinerary - 1 liter of drinking water per day per person

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