Camel festival

Camel festival

Camel festival

Two hump camels (Bactian camels) are one of the rarest animals in the world. You can see some across central Asia. In Mongolia, camels are not just transportation means, but one of the zodiacs candidate that failed to become one. In old folktale, Camel was one of the proudest animals and competed with mouse to become one of the zodiacs. They bet that whoever see the rising sun first will be the winner and take the seat for one of the twelve zodiacs. Camel proudly announced that he had all the requirements to become the twelfth zodiac and showed his beautiful features and tall stature. Mouse was humble and small though he was not as self-centered as the camel. When the sun rose, the camel thought he saw it first, but the mouse stood on top of the camels hump to see the sun before him. Due to the bet mouse became the zodiac sign and camel went back home.

From this story you can tell since ancient times till now people see how beautiful camels are and worshipped its majestic features and sturdy nature. Last few years Mongolians celebrated the “thousand camel festival” or “camel festival” to showcase the nomadic lifestyle near Dalanzadgad province. Camel race, camel polo matches, camel beauty contests and many traditional songs and dances will be seen. The 15km long camel race is recorded in 2016 Guinnes World Records as the world’s largest camel race. At the festival there will be many camel products such as camel wool and camel dairy drinks from the local families.

The Camel Festival will take place near Dalanzadgad province on 6th and 7th of March 2020. Tourists and travelers can rent traditional Mongolian gers and enjoy the performance. Also you can come earlier to attend the “Winter Golden Eagle Festival” on 3rd and 4th of March 2020.