Eej Khairkhan mountain

Eej Khairkhan is a mountain located in Gobi-Altai province. Historically, it has been worshipped for centuries and was believed to bless wealth and fertility. The main attraction here is the series of 9 pots located in the mountain which fill during rainy periods and flow water into each other like waterfalls.

Sutai Khairkhan mountain

Reaching a hight of 4,220m, Sutai Khairkhan mountain is the highest mountain in the Gobi-Altai mountain range. Due to its all-year round snowy peaks and surrounding rich pasturelands, locals like to call it ‘Suutei uul’ meaning ‘Milky mountain’.

Tsagaan gol petroglyphs

Tsagaan gol petroglyphs can be found along the Tsagaan gol or literally meaning ‘White river’. There are hundreds of images along the river banks and nearby cliffs. These depict different types of animals and horsemen. Some of the horsemen images show them being armed with spears or bows. There is also an image of a cart similar to ones found in Central Asian and Scandinavian regions.