The First Mongolia-Qatar Tourism Forum: Fostering Bilateral Cooperation

The First Mongolia-Qatar Tourism Forum: Fostering Bilateral Cooperation

The First Mongolia-Qatar Tourism Forum: Fostering Bilateral Cooperation

The First Mongolia-Qatar Tourism Forum: Fostering Bilateral Cooperation


In line with the Mongolian government's initiative to designate 2023-2025 as "The Year to Visit Mongolia," the Embassy of Mongolia in Qatar, in collaboration with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Mongolian Tourism Association, successfully organized the inaugural Mongolia-Qatar Tourism Forum on June 3, 2024, in Doha.

Opening Remarks:

The forum commenced with opening addresses delivered by His Excellency P. Sergelen, Ambassador of Mongolia to Qatar, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Kwari, First Deputy Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ambassador Sergelen outlined the Mongolian government's tourism promotion strategy, including measures undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. He highlighted recent developments such as the launch of direct flights between Mongolia and Qatar and the implementation of visa-free travel for citizens of both nations. He expressed confidence that B2B meetings planned within the forum framework would yield tangible outcomes, paving the way for future collaboration in tourism.

Forum Highlights:

The Ambassador announced the intent to hold this forum biennially, with the next edition scheduled for Ulaanbaatar in 2026. He extended his best wishes to all participants for a successful forum.

Mr. Al-Kwari welcomed Mongolian tourism representatives and emphasized the forum's significance in fostering tourism development and visitor exchange between the two countries. He expressed his optimism for fruitful outcomes.

Following a presentation by Second Secretary Z. Davaajav on general information about Mongolia, Mongolian tourism, visa procedures, and relevant regulations, representatives from participating Mongolian companies and travel agencies, including Juulchin, Ragusa, and A Star Mongolia, presented their services and potential cooperation opportunities.

Qatar Participation:

Representatives from seven Qatari companies, including Falcon Travel, Darwish International, Madari Travel, Embrace Doha, and Explore Doha, actively participated in the forum. Both Mongolian and Qatari representatives engaged in B2B meetings, exchanging detailed insights on potential collaborations.

Outcomes and Conclusion:

The forum concluded with a positive outcome, as Juulchin Company signed memorandums of understanding with Falcon Travel and Darwish International, signifying their commitment to mutual tourist exchange and cooperation.

This successful forum paves the way for a stronger tourism relationship between Mongolia and Qatar.