5 Reasons you should never visit Mongolia

5 Reasons you should never visit Mongolia

5 Reasons you should never visit Mongolia

Who are Mongolians and what do they do? Have any of your friends been to Mongolia? Well... mine have, and this is what they had to say about this faraway country.

The people are too polite and kind 

The Mongolian customs and traditions dictate that you must welcome any travelers into your ger and serve them with everything you have at your disposal. Guests are always received with open arms, whether they be foreigners or locals; and the Nomadic passing by caravans are honor-bound to be treated with tea and bread. When you enter the Mongolian ger, the color of the furniture, the variety of the products they make from dairy, the customs and the traditional Mongolian costumes make you feel like you are on a different alien planet. It feels like the way they treat others is out of this world.

The night sky is too bright

Are you always bothered when your partner, or roomies, keep the lights on when you try to fall asleep? Then stay away from the vast Mongolian countryside, for the stars in the sky there are so bright that they can keep you awake throughout the night. Where is the city light pollution when you need it, right?

There is nothing to see or to learn

I mean what is there to see or learn in Mongolia except that it is the land of the Great Chinggis Khaan, who built an empire that conquered half of the known world in the thirteenth century? It is a land whose recorded History spans merely two millennia and it is a land from which Attila the Hun’s ancestors came. The customs and traditions of the land are so young that they can be traced only back to some 8000 years ago. Mongolia has the world’s best-preserved dinosaur cemeteries and the world’s first dinosaur eggs were found in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Maybe, on second thought, it could be worthwhile to visit the country, eh?

Mongolia does not have that much diversity

Can you imagine, Mongolia has only 29 different ethnic groups? Apparently, most of them have their own traditions, customs, dialects, clothing styles, etc.

What’s up with the religion in Mongolia

When it comes to religion, they have people such as Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Shamanists and Atheists living together in harmony. I mean, who does that? They should be poking each other with sticks.