Tsagaan Agui/ White Cave

Tsagaan Agui, literally translated as ‘White cave’, is the most ancient housing settlement in the world; dating back some 750,000 years. Joint Soviet-Mongolian expeditions began earliest researches and excavations in 1988, followed by Russian-Mongolian-American expedition in 1995. The cave stretches a length of 38m and is divided into three chambers. Some of the archeological findings include bones of, now locally-extinct, rhinos, hyenas and Tibetan antelopes. There were also number of different plant traces dating back 12,000 years.


Bichigtkhad is a place located in Bayankhongor province and is well known for its petroglyphs. In the local area, there are several hills and cliffs with petroglyphs on them from bottom to the top. Many of the images depict different animals such as ibexes, argali, deer and camels. Images of horsemen and hunters or hunters luring their prey are common as well.

Shargaljuut hot spring

Located in Bayankhongor province, this is one of the most famous hot springs in Mongolia. It has been in service for hundreds of years and many famous monks in the past wrote on the healing properties of the springs. Different sections of the springs emit the warm water from underground whose temperature ranges between 43-95 degrees Celsius.