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There are few major carriers like MIAT (Mongolian Airlines), Air China, Korea-Air, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot and Air Busan are currently on business/from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Istanbul, Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow, Hong Kong and Busan. Also, SCAT Airlines and Asiana Airlines are fling from summer 2019.

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MIAT (Mongolian Airlines)

Air china

Korean Air

Turkish Airlines


Air Busan

SCAT Airlines

Asiana Airlines

Except from these major air routes to/from the world to Mongolia, Mongolian domestic carriers are doing flights.

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HUNNU Airlines - Hunnu Airline has a flight between Ulaanbaatar and Mănzhōulǐ .

Aero Mongolia - Aero Mongolia has flights to/from Ulaanbaatar - Hoh Hot of Inner Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar - Irkutsk of Siberia, Russia.

Ezinis - Ezinis has a flight between Ulaanbaatar – Hong Kong.

(schedule can change with the seasons)

The best time to visit Mongolia is late May to late September, so early booking for the international flight is suggested during this time and especially in July where we celebrate our Naadam festival.