Travel Mongolia in winter

Travel Mongolia in winter

Travel Mongolia in winter

When we think of Mongolia, we think of the endless blue sky, towering mountains, a wild landscape filled with nomads and the national festival Naadam. However, not many of us would think about winter holiday in Mongolia as it seems more of a mystery. Compare this to the accustomed all inclusive holidays we know such as familiar European destinations, it can be described as otherworldly. For travelers tired of going to similar beaches and pamper packages a brave new adventure awaits in the heart of Asia. For those who find the thrill of discovering wonders allow me to point out few details about travelling to Mongolia in winter.

The winter is coming

When I say cold I mean to multiply the cold by ten folds. As the temperatures soar from -15 up to -45 degrees. Accessories such as gloves, hats and scarfs become a survival necessity rather than fashion. Not to mention a thick fury shoes with wool socks is a must if you would like to avoid getting cold from your feet.

Mask is a must

If you are planning to stay most of your time in the capital (Ulaanbaatar), you will see the air pollution level is beyond that of Beijing. In order to protect your lungs I would suggest wearing a breathing mask. Just like other developing countries, Mongolia is struggling to come up with a right solution to tackle this very concerning issue.

Trust me it is worth it

Even though it is cold you will not find more enchanting landscape than winter Mongolia. Discover the “Frozen” like scenery covered in snow and ice, it will certainly make your trip worthwhile. There are tons of activities which you can participate such as skating, skiing in addition to snow soccer and horse riding which offers through their winter programs such as Ice Festival in Uvs province during February and March.

Lunar New Year

Tsagaan Sar, meaning White Moon is the biggest winter festival in Mongolia which brings family and friends together to visit one another, offer traditional foods and beverages and your chance to blend in by wearing traditional clothes and take part in the celebration.


Even though it is very cold, the cheaper price of travel in addition to accommodation and food allows you to focus on your journey rather than worrying about your budget. Moreover, exploration of incredible sites, involvement the Mongolian culture can only be described as once in a lifetime experience which must be seen. The added perks of not having to wait over a long line or a noisy crowd will make your travel that much more personal and special.