The Do's and Don'ts in Mongolia

The Do's and Don'ts in Mongolia

The Do's and Don'ts in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the most interesting places you could travel to, but like every other country, Mongolia has traditions and culture, unique to its place in the world. Knowing what to do and what not to do when visiting Mongolia will help you get the most out of your trip and allow it to go as smoothly as possible. There are things you may do back home daily that you don't think twice about because they are socially acceptable. Yet, these same things may be considered impolite, rude, or just downright distasteful in the eyes of the Mongolian people. When visiting this beautiful and historic Nomadic country, let's dive into the most common do's and don'ts.

Do - accept food offerings when visiting another person's home or residence.

Don't - wash clothes and dishes directly with water, as water is considered sacred in Mongolia.

Do - finish eating any meat dishes that you start, as the Mongolian people know and appreciate that they had to kill the animal for meat, and therefore it's a waste not to finish what was started.

Don't - just ask a Mongolian person to do something, do it instead.

Do - tip wherever and whenever possible, as Mongolian people like to know their time and effort are appreciated.

Don't - leave a mess when leaving a restaurant, cafe, or venue.

Do - share your ride, whether it's a cab or personal transportation, to Ulaanbaatar, as it's considered rude not to.

Don't - take photos of other people and/or their belongings without asking.

Do - make an effort to say basic greetings in the Mongol language, as the Mongolian people will greatly appreciate this.

Don't - hit on or flirt with Mongolian women, as it's considered unacceptable in Mongolian culture and could attract the wrong attention from other local men who believe the women belong to them and only them.

Do - learn about Mongolian history before visiting, such as Genghis Khan, the founder of the large Mongol Empire.

Don't - ask about the names of mountains while they are in sight, as this is believed to upset the Mountain Gods.

Do - try Airag, which is alcoholic fermented mares milk and the traditional beverage of Mongolia.

If you remember all of the do's and don'ts when visiting Mongolia, you are more than ready to do Mongolia with us!