Eagle Totem of Mongolia

Eagle Totem of Mongolia

Eagle Totem of Mongolia

Eagle is a common symbol of might, regality, and ferocity. Amongst Mongolians, it is often thought of as the king of birds, it is not hard to imagine why eagles are the subject of so much awe. Eagles are apex predators who soar above their habitats with keen eyes, sharp talons, and powerful wings.

Mongolians have looked up to the majesty of the eagle since time immemorial as the embodiment of the majesty of nature. Eagles are important mythological figures in Mongolia, especially in Western Mongolian culture and continue to play a role in the spiritual lives of people in the area.

As a source of inspiration or a guiding force, the eagle teaches individuals about the value of the vast land and the unparalleled joys of true freedom. If you want to feel that freedom, you have to travel to Mongolia.

Eagle as a Totem Animal

The eagle as a totem animal is emotional and intense. Also, Mongolians believe that if you see an eagle in the wild it can captivate you spiritually for a lifetime. Mongolians are under the impression that people who have the eagle as their totem animal are passionate and fiery. This trait can lead to incredible careers, artistic genius, empowering leadership, and deep intimate relationships. The intensity with which they live, however, presents many challenges both interpersonal and professional.

If you haven’t found your totem animal yet, there is a chance to see these majestic birds in action by visiting the Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it may change you spiritually.

Eagle in Dreams

Eagle is a powerful symbol, so dreaming about an eagle may hold significant meaning. Depending on the context, an eagle in your dream could mean many different things. Most commonly, a soaring eagle in your dream represents courage, freedom, and perspective.

Dreaming about an eagle’s nest or “eyrie” can indicate protection or mentorship. Even though eagles are apex predators, they rely on their parents for food and protection when they are young. Dreaming about eaglets may indicate potential. It means, even if you have incredible potential, it is important to rely on the support and experience of others as you grow.

Eagle as a Symbol

Eagle is revered worldwide as the king of birds who surveys the earth from the sky. Many nations, political bodies, and ideologies have adopted eagles as mascots or emblems. In the United States, the Bald Eagle is the embodiment of freedom itself.

It is not hard to imagine why that is. Is there any sensation more tantalizing or inspiring than the sheer unbridled power and freedom that these incredible raptors must feel as they glide along air currents high above all of Earth’s petty conflicts? As humans, we can only wonder what that feeling is like. Certainly the eagle’s majesty radiates a regal beauty which simply can’t be put into words. If you want to experience what it feels like to be in the presence of these majestic birds just give us a call or an email.