Self-driving in Mongolia

Self-driving in Mongolia

Self-driving in Mongolia

The first motor vehicle been seen in Mongolia in around year 1911. Since that time there were various expeditions driven through Mongolia, searching for dinosaur fossils, challenging on Gobi Desert etc…

And during the beginning of Mongolian communism ruled by Soviet Union, the first of vehicles brought to the country for administration purposes only. That was during the year of 1935.

But, the motor vehicles for the public presented in the urban areas during the 1950 – 60’s, but again those Russian made vehicles were just for high administration personals and buses and trucks for the public transportation, minivans or 4WD jeeps for medics and police services.

After the 1990’s democratic revolution in Mongolia just, after Berlin Wall came down, public started to own the sedan vehicle for their family purposes. That time, the first individual drivers started to seen in both cities and country. And that means, this very society has only about 30 years of vehicular experience and still learning for to drive properly on the road.

And once you have international driving license for Geneva Convention countries, you’re welcomed to drive while you’re traveling for shorter period for tourism purposes. While you’re heading up/down to the country you’ll drive off-road as jeep safari and all you have to worry is the animals which comes from the ditch or bushes.

The traffic rule is right hand side with left hand side steering wheeled vehicles (similar with USA & Russian Federation). However, there is no restriction for right hand side steering wheeled vehicles (same vehicles of Japan, UK & AUS) on the road. This is pretty interesting rules especially when you overtaking the other vehicles. and there are no freeways in the country and speed limit is 80km/h or 50mi/h country roads and 60km/h or 35mi/h in the town road.