Overnight in Mongolian traditional ger

Overnight in Mongolian traditional ger

Overnight in Mongolian traditional ger

There are thousands of Ger, known as yurts across the Mongolian steppe that accommodated the central Asian nomads including Mongols, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan people for thousands of years.

As many people know, this is a circular shaped, wooden structured and covered by felt & cotton and the medium sized Ger can accommodate up to 10 people for a sleep and eat in its 30m square. Please bear in mind that, the toiletry will be outdoor while you’re staying with the family. But, if you stay in the Ger camp the bathroom will be in separated block.

What to expect when you overnight in Ger?

While you’re with nomad family: There are usually 2 beds for family members only and guests are usually sleep on the floor. The family will be happy to provide mattress and blanket. But, your personal sleeping bag and mattress is highly recommended as it’ll be chilly during the dawn and nomadic people won’t mind that cold.

In Ger camps: of course there will be bed for you optional from queen or single size and if you choose en-suite Ger camps they even have king size bed and that kind of Ger has bathroom attached under the customization for comfort.