Nomadic life in Photo

Nomadic life in Photo

8 Days
7 Nights
1 - 11 travelers
May 1st, 2024 - September 1st, 2024

Tour Overview

This Nomadic life in photo tour is focused on presenting the guests with an unfiltered, true, beautiful image of Mongolian nomads who, for thousands of years, have been living in harmony with the nature. 

Tour available dates

2023-05-01 - 2023-09-01

2024-05-01 - 2024-09-01

Tour Highlights

blue_checkTakhi (Przewalski) horses
blue_check Elsen Tasarhai
blue_check Karakorum
blue_check Erdene Zuu
blue_check Lake Ugii
blue_check Chinggis Khaan statue complex
blue_check XIII century park


Ulaanbaatar – Hustain Nuruu – Elsen Tasarhai -Karakorum – Lake Ugii – Ulaanbaatar – XIII century complex

Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 - Ulaanbaatar. (L/D)

    Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Your Photo guide and driver will pick you up at the airport and transfer to your hotel. You will have full-day city tour with Gandan Monastery, Sukhbaatar square and Zaisan memorial Hill. In the evening performance by State Song and Dance Academic Ensemble. Overnight stay in a hotel.

    Day 2 - Hustain Nuruu / Elsen Tasarhai (Sand Dunes). 300km. (B/L/D)

    Early morning after breakfast you will start your tour to Elsen Tasarhai (Sand Dunes). On the way you will visit Hustain Nuruu National Park. You will take a picture of Takhi (Przewalski horse) and deers. Also here you will have the chance to shoot landscape. After lunch at Hustain Nuruu continue driving to Elsen Tasarhai. Meet with the family for the next day’s photoshoot of the life of camel breeding nomadic family. Enjoy camel riding. Overnight stay in a ger camp.

    Day 3 - Elsen Tasarhai (Sand Dunes). (B/L/D)

    After breakfast drive to the camel breeding family. On this day you will take pictures of nomadic people’s life and the landscape of Elsen Tasarhai (Sand Dunes). This place has a very unique combination of mountains, forests and gobi (desert) landscape in one location.

    Day 4 - Karakorum, Erdene Zuu Monastery. 95km. (B/L/D)

    Start driving to the Karakorum after breakfast. The Karakorum is the 13th century capital of the Great Mongol Empire. Here you can shoot the biggest monastery of Mongolia, Erdene Zuu. It has a total of 108 stupas. 25 for each side and 2 for each corner. Overnight stay in a ger camp.

    Day 5 - Lake Ugii. 80km. (B/L/D)

    Drive to lake Ugii in Arkhangai province. On the way drive through ancient Turkic king Bilge’s memorial statue and the museum. Ger camp is located on the shore of lake Ugii. You will visit a nomadic horse breeding family during the day. You will take the picture of their culture, life and horses. The lake Ugii has a magnificent view and countless water birds will be at your doorsteps. Here you will take pictures of the landscape. Enjoy a short horse ride. Lunch, dinner, and overnight stay in a ger camp.

    Day 6 - Ulaanbaatar. 350km. (B/L)

    Before breakfast take a picture of the lake while the sun is rising. After breakfast drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Lunch on the way and transfer to hotel.

    Day 7 - Chinggis Khaan Statue complex /XIII century complex. 280km. (B/L/D)

    Breakfast at the hotel and start driving to Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex. You will take pictures of the landscape and continue driving to the XIII century complex. It consists of 6 camps and tribes which are very unique on their own. Everything is built in XIII century style. Take the pictures of XIII century Mongol lifestyle. Return to Ulaanbaatar and dinner.

    Day 8 - Departure. (B)

    Transfer to the airport for your international flight.

Nomadic life in Photo
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