Khustai National Park day tour

Khustai National Park day tour

1 Days
0 Nights
1 - 11 travelers
May 1st, 2024 - October 31st, 2024

Tour Overview

Today, the Khustai National Park is best known as the home to Przewalski wild horses; known as Takhi in Mongolian. These horse species, native to Mongolia, died out in the mid-1950s in their natural habitat. With Dutch effort, the Przewalski horses were re-introduced to the Khustai area in 1992 from zoos around the World. The area was recognized as National Park in 1993.

Between 1992 and 2000, around 84 horses were released in the Park and now their numbers have grown to over 300. In addition, the Przewalski horses were introduced to Xinjiang in China, Chernobyl in Ukraine and in Gobi of Mongolia.

Khustai National Park area is quite calm and peaceful in the days of winter. White snow-covered hills make it even easier to spot wild horses. The serenity of Khustai, untouched wilds, the fresh air and the joy of spotting the Przewalski horses in their habitat bring an experience of a lifetime.

Tour available dates

2023-05-01 - 2023-10-31

2024-05-01 - 2024-10-31

Tour Highlights

blue_checkPrzewalski horses
blue_check Khustai National Park


Ulaanbaatar – Khustai National Park - Ulaanbaatar

Tour Itinerary

    Day tour -

    08:00 am Leave the hotel after meeting with the guide and the driver 10:00 am Drive in Khustai National Park. Visit the local museum. Drive to Khustai National Park to see Przewalski wild horses in their natural habitat (5km). 13:30 pm Lunch in camp. 16:00 pm Drive back to Ulaanbaatar 18:00 pm Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Packing List

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  • Smart and casual clubbing clothes
  • Rain coat or warm coat depending on the weather
Khustai National Park day tour
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