Not too famous people in Mongolian History you should know about

#1 Princess -  Khutulun ( Khotol Tsagaan)

Born in 1260; Khutulun or Khotol  Tsagaan princess’ name may be translated as “All White”.

She was daughter of Kaidu Khan whose reigning territories reached from Central Siberian Plateau to India and from Western Mongolia to Oxus. Her great grandfather and founder of Mongol Empire, Chinggis Khaan officially gave the name “Naadam” to the festival that is celebrated even unto this day.

She was famous for taking part in all three sports categories of the Naadam festival and is said to never have been beaten in Wrestling. In fact, the rumors go that she would marry anyone who could beat her in Wrestling. Those who were defeated by her, would offer tributes of Horses and livestock. She is said to have gathered a herd of ten thousand in this fashion.

Even the famous Marco Polo wrote of her as superb warrior. Outside of being physically magnificent, she was very influential in Politics also. As her father’s favorite child, Kaidu Khan would often ask her advice and take her on his military campaigns against Kublai Khan.

Heavily romanticized by Western scholars, some sources went on to say that Kaidu’s wish was to make her the next ruling Khan after his passing. But it did not come to be; Kaidu passed away in 1301 and Khutulun would spend the remainder of her life guarding the tomb of Kaidu.

She, herself passed away in 1306 and her little known story still remains an object of fascination.