Top 10 places to see within 1km radius of Sukhbaatar square

Capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, is a hive of activity. Its city center offers a various types of activities enough for more than one day when visiting. If you would like to plan your trip in advance or if you would like to just learn more about Ulaanbaatar, please enjoy our today’s blog. Learn with us about the interesting museums, restaurants and shopping centers at the heart of the city.


Top 10 places to see within 1km radius of Sukhbaatar square

  1. Sukhbaatar square
  2. Main post office
  3. Galleria Shopping Mall
  4. Government palace (need to get permission in advance)
  5. National History museum
  6. National song and dance ensemble theater
  7. Choijin Lama Museum
  8. Wedding Palace
  9. Opera house
  10. World’s largest branch of Little Sheep hot pot restaurant

Top museums in Ulaanbaatar city

  1. National History museum
  2. Choijijn Lama museum
  3. Zanabazar fine arts museum
  4. Bogd Khan’s Winter Palace museum
  5. Dinosaur museum

Monuments of Ulaanbaatar

  1. Sukhbaatar’s equestrian statue
  2. Choibalsan statue in front of National University of Mongolia
  3. Monument complex dedicated to Soviet soldiers
  4. Horse trainer sculpture – Central tower
  5. ASEM Summit bell – Garden located south of Sukhbaatar square

Top restaurants located around Sukhbaatar square

  1. Little Sheep hot pot inside Galleria shopping mall
  2. BD’S Mongolian Barbeque restaurant located 2km north of Sukhbaatar square
  3. Mongolians restaurant located inside Shangri-La mall
  4. Monet restaurant located in Central tower
  5. Blue Fin restaurant located south of Sukhbaatar square across the road