Live and work in Mongolia

Live and work in Mongolia

Mongolia is in the transition from communism to capitalism or some says free market democracy.

Seniors generation who are born before 1960’s mostly prefers Soviet concentrated economical system which mostly monitored and supervised by Russian. This preference is vanishing due to the generation’s retirement as well as western mixed cultures influence.

Due to the ‘mining boom’ of Mongolia in 2011 the western work force rate reached its peak, that consists of mostly Australian and Canadian expats. These expats contributed their knowledge, experience and supervision to local engineers and staffs to launch western standards of safety, engineering and operation to the mining industry. We do not allow to forget about the Chinese workload as well as this is the biggest in Mongolia. Like any other countries.

what they have gained?

There are many expats resided in Mongolia to start over his(mostly) new (2nd or 3rd family) with far above local average pay rate. Some starts their own business like restaurant, bar and brothel-just kiddin.

How is it like today?

As of December 2019 the number of 4.6K foreign workforce’s percentage in Mongolia is as below:

And about 40% in mining and 20% for education & whole sales and rest works in other fields. But, this number is based on official workers.

Seeing once is better than hearing thousand times!

Enjoy and love Mongolia with us ...