In the State Public Library there are 3 copies of the 2500 year old sacred book Jadamba. Ac¬cording to legend, the first copy was used by the Indian philosopher, Nagaijuna. The second copy belonged to a later period and is dated the 11th century. One cannot but admire its gold letters skillfully traced out on the black paper by some unknown master scribe. The title page is embellished with gold representations of Bud¬dha and Maidar (God). The third copy ofthe “Jadamba” is the newest, and is rightly considered a masterpiece of the Mongolian book making art. The paper for the book was coated with a special composition of soot, the brain and spinal cord of a sheep and was polished to make it smooth. Letters were written on these glossy black sheets with unusual inks including the nine treasures – pearl, coral, turquoise, azurite, mother-of-pearl, gold, iron (steel), copper, and silver which were ground to pow¬der. “Naiman Myangat” or “Jadamba”(a poem of eight thousand stanzas) known to have been used by Nagaijuna.

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