This year two ice festival events are going to take place in Mongolia and this is one of the most attractive and biggest winter events in Mongolia which offers unique chance to sense and explore one of the fascinating and mysterious corners of the earth in the winter. You can enjoy and experience the race of skating marathon on the natural black ice of most magnificent Lake Khuvsgul, as sacrificed as Mother Lake by Mongols.

Ice Festival in Uvs province

03 FEBRUARY, 2019

Uvs Lake is the largest lake in Mongolia. There are many activities and competitions held in ice festival such as skiing, skating, snow sumo, ice ankle bone shooting game, tug-of-war, snow soccer and taste of field tea etc. During the festival there are many performances take place on the ice stage.

Ice Festival and International Skating Event

03-07 MARCH, 2019

A unique experience will take place you into a magical winter journey in the land of nomads. Imagine the sensation to be surrounded by a snow covered steppe. The winter Festival is also a rare Skating Event that includes dog and horse sledding, horse riding, visit to a reindeer family and attending Shaman performances.

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