Mongolian Immune System

Mongolian Immune System

About 50% of Mongolian population still lives as nomad across the country. And the way of living is strongly connected to a wild nature. By connecting with wild nature means there are tons of contact with organic bacteria and viruses. Thus, from the day of birth infants receives I would call it natural vaccination from their environment. So how does Mongolians support their immunity without the supplements.

Dung friend

I’ve heard some Japanese scientist announced that, the kids who grow up with the contact with dungs have less chance to have allergies comparing to others-city kids. And I sure, every child in the country had been contact with dungs during their childhood. Dungs are commonly used for fuel during the colder season. Complete dry dungs usually collected by children while they are on their playground-basically out in the wild. And recent years there are dung pie are on the market as an incense for house. Thank god, the cows don’t eat meat.

Fermented milk

I do agree breast milk is the best for the infants. Besides this, Mongolians did have secondary immune supporter called Airag. It is a fermented mares milk that commonly consumed by all of Mongolians. This drink can be found only in central Asian Mongols and drunk by hundreds of years. All ages of people do drink this even it is alcoholic drink. But, never had side effects beside vomiting caused by overdoses. This lactic product does have extra supplements that, modern day pills could offer plus 100% natural tummy bacteria, and it supports digestion system that, anti over weight problems.

Harvesting the dew

It is hard to imagine to step on the dew. But, when we were a child, we used to get up early in the morning of autumn and run on the green carpets till just for no reason. And our parents believed the ice cold dew stimulates the nerving systems under our soles while refreshing us from sleepy mood. And we do not get cold during the winter after that autumn coz, our body used to cold as well as we are well prepared for extreme cold of winter.

Poop shoes

There are many telling that, my grandparents’ generation who were born early 20th century barely had shoes or boot until they are till 18. But, of course it doesn’t mean during winter-their parents-were not that cruel. And the only way to warm their feet was dip into the freshly produce dung of a cow, a horse or a camel while they are on playground. After I hear the story of course I myself did try and felt so warmer even today. Anyways’ the point is, we never heard the story of our grandparents badly ill coz of the cold, flu but, lots of fun-warmth. And we do believe the bacterium from the dung did helped to establish anti-bacterium systems naturally.

Acidic sunbath

Yes, it is acidic but lactic. What is lactic acid? Basically the remaining liquid form from dairy product-cheese. The yellowish liquid is commonly used to bath the kids straight after it extracted for sun bathing. Once it infiltrates the skin it has perfect effect for tan for vitamin D lot of fun. No skin rush nor tears on eyes ever heard coz of that.


The below information is never being officially recognized or recommended by W.H.O and subject to have side effect in different environment than Mongolia. Always seek your doctor for your local medics for your immunity!!!