Festivals and events of Mongolia 2020

Festivals and events of Mongolia 2020

            Mongolian nature and culture is unique beyond comparison. One of the last nomadic people that dwelled the earth for generations. Choosing the land that they live and figuring out the most opportune weathers and landscapes for their lifestyle. Nomadic people are very connected to the nature and feel all the changes that bring. For that reason, ancient nomads according to the changes of the nature, created festivals and events to celebrate the harvest or calm the angry gods.

            One of the most popular festivals and events in Mongolia is “Naadam festival” which contestants compete with archery, wrestling and horse riding skills. Also known as three games of men. Another one is “Lunar new year” that families greet each other and exchange gifts. Also different regions of Mongolia have different events and festivals, the well-known ones are “Thousand camel festival”, “Khuvsgul lake ice festival”, “Eagle hunting festival”, “Winter horse festival” and the “Golden eagle festival”. 

  • Lunar year Festival -   February 24-26, 2020
  • Winter Festival of Altai Nomads February 23-25, 2020

Location: Buhun-Uul, Ulgii soum

  • Khuvsgul ice festival- March 1 -3, 2020

Location: Khovsgol Lake

  • Spring Golden Eagle Festival – March 4-5, 2020

Location: Chinggis Khaanii Khuree Complex

  • Thousand Camel Festival - March 6-7, 2020

Location: Bulgan town, Umnugovi province

  • Silver Reeds Festival 2020- March 7-8, 2020

Location: Khar us lake, Khovd Province

  • Naurys festival- March 21-23, 2020

Location: Kazakh ethnic minotities throughout Mongolia

  • Ulaanbaatar Marathon- May, 2020

Location: Ulaanbaatar

  • Yak Festival - on third week, May, 2020

Location: Khankhongor soum, Umnugovi province

  • Nomadic naadam – June 6, June, 16, June 27 2020

Location: Mongol nomadic camp / 55 km from U    

  • Annual Crane Festival – June 13, 2020

Location: Binder soum, Khentii province

  • Wind of Steppes- Moto music Festival June, 2020

Location: Tsonjin Boldog

  • The ceremony of Gongor Bumba – June 2020

Location: Amarbayasgalant monastery, Selenge province

  • Mongolian Gobi Ultra Marathon MGU 225 km – June 26, 2020

Location: Elsentasarkhai sand dune

  • Hunnu music festival - June 29-30, 2020

Location: Tsonjin boldog, Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue

  • Play time festival – July 3-5 2020

Location: Gachuurt village, 30 km from Ulaanbaatar

  • Tsaatan festival – July 7-8, 2020

Location: Khatgal village, Khovsgol province

  • Nomadic Cultures festival – July 6, 2020

Location: Teeliin gol, Erdenekhairkhan soum, Zavkhan province

  • National costume festival Mongolia – July, 2020

Location: Ulaanbaatar

  • National Naadam festival – July 11-13, 2020

Location: Ulaanbaatar

  • Yak festival – July 22, 2020

Location: Bat-ulziit soum, Uvurkhangai province

  • Bogd Khan Mountain Trail 2020- July or August, 2020

Location: Bogd Khan Mountain

  • Danshig Naadam religious festival – August or September, 2020

Location: Khui doloo khudag

  • Journey to Little 99 warriors – August 5, 2020

Location: Tsaidam camp, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province

  • Orkhon valley Horse festival- August 7, 2020

Location: Tsaidam bag, Khashaat soum, Arkhangai province

  • Ceremony of Gongor Bumba- August, 2020

Location: Amarbayasgalant monastery, Selenge province

  • Sand festival in Western Mongolia – August 8-9, 2020

Location: Gun nuur, Mongolian Great Sand, Gobi-Altai province

  • Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival – September 17-18, 2020

Location: Sagsai village, Bayan-Ulgii province

  • Spirit-Horseback Archery Tournament – Sep, 2020

Location: Ulaanbaatar Horseracing center

  • Golden eagle festival- October 3-4, 2020

Location: Bugat village, Bayan-Ulgii province

            Each festival has differentiating qualities and give you different experiences. Summer or winter can be beautiful depending on your taste. Festivals aside, Mongolian nature can captivate your heart and cleanse your soul.

Seeing once is better than hearing thousand times!

Enjoy and love Mongolia with us ...