3 x 3 Must experiences in Mongolia


  1. Ride two humped Bactrian camel.

Two humped Bactrian camel can be found only central Asia, and Mongolia can be considered as the last of the camel breeders in this area that, keeps the way of herding it for a thousands of years-nomadic.

Since you already in Mongolia it is worth to try it for reasonable price in one of the region in Gobi Desert or near Ulaanbaatar city.


  1. Overnight in Ger

Ger is a Mongolian traditional style round felt dwelling that has been used for centuries by central Asian nomadic tribes. And it is still in a use of accommodation in Mongolia specially in the country side. Inside the original Ger accommodation you can expect 2-4 beds with dining table and stove heating in the center.


  1. Visit nomadic family

Mongolian nomadic culture is one of the last nomads in the world and their way of living will take you to back to the thousands years ago’s mankind. It is not late to experience it before it vanishes.