10must try dishes in Mongolia

10must try dishes in Mongolia

The best Mongolian dishes are designed for strong stomachs - Europeans do not immediately get used to them. However, many tourists they really enjoy it. If you like lamb, thick stews, homemade cookies, butter and fat milk, then you will definitely like traditional food in Mongolia. We will tell you what dishes to try in restaurants or eateries of Ulaanbaatar to get an idea of the local cuisine. Descriptions of the best Mongolian dishes with photos will help you not to confuse anything.

  • Buuz

Perhaps the most famous dish of Mongolian cuisine, which is definitely worth a try for every tourist. Just look at these puffy meat "bags" - you will immediately recognize them. In fact, buuz are large dumplings of a special shape, that are steamed. They would be just like Caucasian khinkali, if not for the characteristic hole at the top, from which the filling peeps. Buuz is filled with chopped meat with onions.

  • Khorhog

Khorhog is a gastronomic attraction of Mongolia. This is a fantastically delicious lamb meat cooked on stones in a special metal pot. Be sure to try this unusual delicacy. It is said that meat on stones was Genghis Khan's favorite dish. True, in his time a lamb was not cooked in a cauldron, but directly in the skin. The meat is placed in a cauldron with hot stones and poured with broth, and then stewed over low heat. Unfortunately, it is far from possible to try khorhog in every restaurant in Ulan Bator, since preparing the dish is not easy, and therefore not everyone takes it.

  • Dried meat – borts

Be sure to try the Mongolian meat delicacies, among which the borts takes first place. This is jerky, the recipe of which was created by nomads. To prepare borts, the meat is cut into small strips, and then dried in the open air for a month. As a result, it acquires a brownish-red color. Outside, the snack is quite solid, and inside it is pleasantly fibrous. Today, the borts is dried on an industrial scale, so it is easy to buy throughout Mongolia. By the way, this is a great beer snack. You can bring this vacuum-packed delicacy from Ulan Bator - an excellent gastronomic souvenir.

  • Batan

National Mongolian soup with the simplest composition. It is prepared on a strong meat broth from lamb or beef. Additionally, add a little flour and vegetables to make it more satisfying, but not to interrupt the natural taste of meat. Of the spices, only salt and pepper are put in the traditional Mongolian soup. If bantan is made from lamb, sometimes milk is added to the broth to make the dish more tender. In Mongolia, this soup is considered medicinal.

  • Tsuiwan

Homemade noodles with large pieces of meat and vegetables. This traditional Mongolian dish is sure to be prepared from scratch. Noodles are obtained from thin strips of dough - it is stewed with meat. From vegetables, onions and carrots are always added, less often - potatoes, cabbage, peppers. Spices are almost never used. Tsuiwan in Mongolia is usually cooked from lamb, but beef is also popular. The portions in restaurants are usually large - feel free to take for two.

  • Boodog

Most often, this Mongolian delicacy is made from goat meat. This dish is definitely not worth everyone to try - it is an amateur. However, many tourists decide on a tasting and are satisfied. If a boogod is prepared from goat meat, it is baked in its own gutted skin. Meat is usually served with boiled root vegetables.

  • Khuushuur

If you like pasties, in Mongolia you should definitely try khuushuur. Rosy fried pies of their thin dough with a lot of filling - they are not too big, but very satisfying. They are cooked with minced meat (usually with lamb) with onion or garlic, salt, a few fragrant spices. Khuushuur must be eaten hot. This is a very popular street food in Mongolia, which can be tasted at bazaars or snack bars.

  • Boortsog

It would seem that this Mongolian pastry is nothing special. In essence, the boortsog is a small, delicious donut that is served as an appetizer for tea. However, do not rush to draw conclusions. The “right” boortsog is deep-fried until golden brown, using animal fat (although in the modern world it is increasingly being replaced by vegetable oil). Donuts are very small, crispy on the outside and soft inside. They are often sprinkled with powdered sugar or sprinkled with liquid honey. Incredibly tasty, especially with tea. Boortsog can be of various shapes and sizes, especially a lot of this baking is being prepared for the holiday Tsagan Sar.

  • Aaruul

The most popular Mongolian dairy product is aaruul. It can be prepared from any milk: sheep, goat, cow or even camel. The first option is the most popular. This unusual treat resembles well-pressed dried curd. In Mongolia, this product is prepared with a small addition of sugar. It tastes a bit like milk powder. Locals are sure that the aaruul is good for the stomach and strengthens teeth. If you want to try the national Mongolian sweets or desserts, pay attention to the sweet aaruul. You can bring the aaruul home - it is easy to find in the bazaars of Ulaanbaatar. In stores, it is sold in factory packaging.

  • Suutei Tsai – Milk tea

For drinks in Mongolia, you need to try traditional tea. Sutei Tsai - green tea with milk, which is prepared with the addition of ghee, salt, flour and rice. The combination is unusual, but tourists are always interested in trying it. It is customary to take tea not loose, but pressed, in "bricks". Instead of ghee, sheep fat is sometimes used.

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