What to get from Mongolia? 6 best souvenirs to bring home from Mongolia

What to get from Mongolia? 6 best souvenirs to bring home from Mongolia

The most authentic and iconic items are beautifully hand crafted by the local Mongolians. As you explore through the Mongolia, keep an eye out for following souvenir items.

Along with variety of handcrafted items around the globe, Mongolia is well-known for its hand-made products such as traditional little dolls and jewelleries that are made of copper. The prices vary from ₮10,000 to ₮100,000 depending on the materials and labour.

Mongolian traditional clothing is called Deel and is usually worn by the Mongolian Herders in countryside. Urban residences wear them only during special festive occasions like The Lunar New Year and the Naadam festival. The Deel varies in fashion due to the presence of 20 Mongolian ethnic groups.

Typical Mongolian hand painted pictures represent Mongolian natural countryside aspects, the five kinds of livestock and the wolves. Embroidery works are also present on handbags and other clothing items, alongside on silks. Moreover, calligraphies are truly sophisticated pieces of art and the prices are affordable. They are worth your purchase as the arts truly display Mongolian Tradition.

Mongolian natural skin products are famous for its rich textures in vitamins and minerals. They mostly use sheep tail fat, yak milk, and goat milk in its ingredient and prices are exceptionally low and the quality will not disappoint you.

Felt making is handed down to Mongolians from its ancient Mongols many years ago. Today, it is considered as an art. There are many unique products that are made of felt such as national animals, clothes, pictures and shoes. 

You cannot imagine visiting Mongolia without buying cashmere or woollen products. The world’s finest cashmere and woollen products are all manufactured in Mongolia. To compare to world’s other cashmere stores, Mongolian cashmeres are the best in quality and style.

You can seize full Mongolian Tradition and all these locally made products from one convenient location and that is The Galleria Souvenir Store.

You can seize full Mongolian Tradition and all these locally made products from one convenient location and that is The Galleria Souvenir Store. This iconic souvenir store first opened its door in 2018 with mission to introduce the Mongolian Traditions to the world. It is located in Galleria Ulaanbaatar department store, which is next to the Sukhbaatar squire.

They currently have more than 24,000 products that is made with love in Mongolia by the local brands. Many of the Mongolian local brands employ people with disabilities and provides them with professional training and teach them essential trade skills.

The Galleria Souvenir store has more than 6 different aisles, which include felts, arts, traditional clothes, toys, leather items and organic cosmetics. Therefore, they have all the things you need from Mongolia. Do not forget to stop at the one stop shop in Ulaanbaatar.


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