Dear Tuul, Thanks again for organising such an amazing trip for us, we loved everything about it. And Chuka is the best guide we have ever had on any trip! He is so knowledgable, interesting and funny. Also, Batbayar is an excellent driver! We will be recommending Juulchin to anyone who is planning to visit Mongolia and hopefully they'll be lucky enough to get Chuka as a guide! The company is so professional and everything felt very well organised which meant we could relax and really enjoy our first trip to Mongolia. We will definitely be returning to Mongolia for a longer trip in the future, so we look forward to organising it with Juulchin again. Thank you so much, Sheyde Bolton

Sheyde Bolton,


Thank you Alex and Serga! We would like to thank you for the wonderful experience you’ve arranged for us in Mongolia. We could fully experience your country while making the journey you planned for us. It led us through unexpected wonderful sceneries and magnificent landscapes; it took us to places we could not imagine they still exist. We could ‘hear’ the silence and feel the nature, we saw beautiful fauna and flora that look lovelier than the best pictures in the tourist guidebooks. We were breath taken by the beauty of your country. We would also give special thanks to our guide (Alex) en driver (Serga). They took very well care of us and were very professional in the way they guided us through your country. We enjoyed a careless holiday because we we’re in very good hands. They let us feel, sense and taste Mongolia!



Dear JUULCHIN team We have just received a feedback from Brendan Moore who travelled to Mongolia at the end of September. They had a great time in Mongolia, really liked the country and the people. Here is their message: Your guide in Mongolia was excellent, first rate and I can't thank her enough for making our trip in that part of the world superb. Please thank her. Her name was Maggie.

Brendan Moore,


Hello Maggy, How are you I hope fine. We are back home and very well . We have a few pictures from you and also of the drivers. We send you this pictures with WE-Transfer. We were with you and the guide Tom. So we will say to you many thanks for your very good guiding and teaching about your country, and learning songs. This is a very beautiful country and very nice people. ( MOOI HE ) Thank you for the postcards you give to us it was a nice present. Greetings, Maria and Jean

Maria and Jean,


Dear Tuul. I want to thank you for organising our 1 Day Tour at such short notice. The itinerary was perfect for the short time we had available, giving us many glimpses of Mongolian life outside Ulaanbaatar. Nora, our guide, was helpful, informative and well-organised. She was kind and courteous, spoke English well, and understood and catered for our needs. She represented JuulChin agency very well. We were impressed by the skill of the driver who had to manoeuvre over some very difficult roads! We will certainly be telling our friends to visit Mongolia, and to contact JuulChin! Thank you. Best wishes, Chris



Hi, My wife and I were in your country about 3 weeks ago. I am writing to say that we had a great time, and we come home to Canada with happy memories. Our guide was Murun and we found him to be excellent. We enjoyed his company, and we promised to send him these pictures. Unfortunately, pictures that I sent him came back as "Undeliverable." If possible, would you please forward these pictures to him. Thank you. We would definitely mention your company to our friends. Regards. Boon

Boon, Canada


Hello Juulchin Team Actually, this is the reason why I am writing you again: to thank you very much for the wonderful tour itinerary that you have created for me! It was an amazing trip! I really lived like a nomad for a couple of weeks, traveling from one place to another, sleeping each night in a different location. Despite the cold, I loved the nights spent in the ger. The most beautiful part for me was in the morning when I opened the door of my ger and I saw and enjoyed every single day another landscape. I discovered hills, lakes, mountains, stepe, forests all what nature created in your country but also the human creation as cities and villages that I visited or passed through. The program was very good, balanced in the way that every day, besides traveling from one place to another, I had time enough to explore each location by walking, hiking or to do other activities. I really appreciated it! .Moreover, I would like to thank you for the two wonderful people that you assigned to be my guide and my driver in this incredible adventure! I have to confess that I felt as they were my family, always tacking well care of me and seeking the best for me. I’ve learned so much from Tungaa in terms of Mongolian culture and life, in general. She was so kind to explain to me the customs and the traditions and to translate me conversations between local people, especially when interacting with nomad families. She helped me to understand better the fundamental beliefs of the Buddhism, notably by making me part to religious ceremonies or praying acts and by explaining various symbols of the religion. During our long walks, she shared with me personal thoughts and life experiences. We discovered that we had many things in common, I think. For me, it was a very reach encounter! Mr. Altaa was the perfect driver, in particular for the Eastern Mongolia. I liked the way how investigated the ground/the land which was very muddy in the East part and choose every time the best route even this meant to do a detour. During the whole trip, he proved to be not only an experienced driver who knew the way out from and to each every destination but also a very nice gentleman who asked me if I was ok, if I was cold during the night and so on. I was impressed by the high professional standard of the people working for Juulchin, the level of education, good skills in working with people, very good knowledge of foreign languages, very active and indeed, very experienced. Just to give another example, in Kharakorum, I had the chance to meet another guide working for Juulchin and I was amazed to discover that not only he knew a lot of things about Romania but also he exchanged with me some words in Romanian. It was for me like an oasis in the desert as I never expected to find someone there who could speak to me in my mother tongue. It was the best travel experience that I had until the present moment! I am grateful to you and Juulchin company for making it so wonderful! Once again, thank you! My best wishes to you, Daniela (Tyяa, my Mongolian name )

Daniela, Romania


I wrote to Selena travels but no reply from them. I booked my tour with Juulchin instead, a major tour company in Ulan Bator. Contact Mr Baatarkhuu : baatarkhuu@juulchin.com I liked the interpreter and my tour guide they arranged for me. She’s very nice, pretty and speak good english. Ask for Tuugaa. It’s just my husband and myself, so we have given a land-rover which is great, as we can go anywhere in the park with our guide and driver. We even cross the streams, on the land rover which is lots of fun. I also enjoyed the various nice restaurants this tour company has arranged for us, and our guide eats with us, so we can chat with her and find out mroe about the culture and life of the Mongolians. The lodgings were okay….and all in all, it has been a wonderful experience with this tour company. I think we paid about US$600 per person for 3 nights, incl lodgings, transfers, tour guide, driver, 3 meals, all tours, horse ride, performance and train tickets onwards to Siberia.
Sweet Mermaid, Asia


I truly enjoyed my time with you. The tours of Juulchin Company, with exploration of South Gobi, via Jeep, visit with ger families, close views of desert flowers, trees, dunes, camels and horses, walks in Dalanzadgad and Ulaanbaatar will rank among my memorable experiences.
Gretchen Richmond, Michigan, USA


We’d like to thank you very much for organising this trip for us, we had a wonderful and amazing time in Mongolia, especially with a great deal of thanks to our tour guide and driver. Our tour guide taught us many things and had an incredible amount of knowledge, and we really appreciated having her around to negotiate issues we had along the way and also to have her as a friend for someone to talk to! The driver was also like a second tour guide to us, who knew so much about the countryside and he was someone we felt incredibly safe with on the roads as he knew them all very well.
Overall we had a great time, we enjoyed the food and the accommodation was fantastic, and our tour guide could not be better as well as our driver. Thank you once again for everything, we will definitely be back to Mongolia to do the Western side in a few years time!
Rachel and Rebekah, Australia