We are offering you unique and exclusive tours specially designed for you. This is a chance to visit Mongolia and see and experience its best features in style. You will be flown to tour destinations on a plane or driven in a comfortable four wheel drive vehicle. Relax at the scenic spots and enjoy the tranquility and peace. Your worries and stress will fade away and seem insignificant after you experience the wonders of Mongolia, the people, animals and the nature.

Blue Pearl Comfort

Tour to Northern Mongolia to visit lake Khuvsgul. In the latter part of the tour there is a visit to Terelj National Park.

Route: Ulaanbaatar – Lake Khuvsgul – Ulaanbaatar

Duration: 4 nights / 5 days

Gobi Comfort

Comfort tour to legendary Gobi desert. On this tour you will get to see and experience the best features of the Gobi.

Route: Ulaanbaatar – South Gobi – Ulaanbaatar

Duration: 5 nights / 6 days

Air Comfort

Tour of central Mongolia by plane mostly. You will enjoy the natural beauty and the hot spring

Route: Tuvkhun  Monastery – Karakorum – Tsenkher hot spring – Ulaanbaatar

Duration: 5 nights / 6 days

Nomadic Comfort

Tour through central Mongolia with driving and a flight. On this tour you will see the nomadic way of life and Buddhist monasteries built on sacred sites. 

Route: Ulaanbaatar - Chinggis Khaan Statue/Terelj – Karakorum – Bayangobi - Ulaanbaatar

Duration: 6 nights / 7 days